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Mortgage Claims

Your broker should have ensured that your mortgage was affordable and suitable for you, and remained so throughout. If this was not the case, you may have been mis-sold your mortgage and could claim compensation.
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Housing Disrepair Claims

Rented accommodation in a state of disrepair can cause illness or damage to your family and possessions. If your council or housing association fail to keep your home safe, secure and habitable you may have a case for compensation.
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Data Breach Claims

Companies holding personal data have a duty to protect it and ensure it is not misused, disclosed, compromised, destroyed or lost. If you believe you have suffered due to a data breach contact our experts today.
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Mis-Sold Pension Claims

Many customers were unaware of the fees and conditions of their retirement investment. Numerous lenders have misguided and pressurised clients and sold them unsuitable pensions. We can help you to make a claim.
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